Not that Marx

Hello, I’m pitermarx. You can find me in many places in the interwebz

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It’s not a reference to this Marx, nor that Marx, just a pun on my real name.

You can see HERE stuff I’ve shared over the years and HERE stuff of my own authorship. I mostly write on software topics or religion.

Latest Originals

  • Cake.Console 1.2.0
    After a bit of work, I have found Cake.Console stable enough for a first release. I decided to version it […]
  • Presenting Cake.Console
    I wanted to run Cake inside a console app, without the penalty of pre-processing the .cake DSL, and have the […]
  • Ballads of the Exodus
    Não é o filme típico. Em 1º lugar tem 2 partes, são mais de 4 horas de filme com um […]
  • Book: No God but One: Allah or Jesus?
    Jesus vs Mohamed, Quran vs Bible, Islam vs Christianity. What would an independent observer conclude about these comparisons? Great book […]
  • Goodbye!
    In March 2021, I left the company and the project that I worked for 9 years. This is my goodbye […]

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